Errata for Rocky Linux 9 Available Now

Peridot Team

We are delighted to announce the release of Errata for Rocky Linux 9!

To make this possible we have also released Apollo Errata Management v3. This release makes it possible for our users to enjoy errata information that is as closely aligned with upstream as possible. On the technical side of this release, the full packaging process of the security information is 330 times faster, and we are now able to match up to almost 4 times as many advisories against upstream.

This has also made it possible for us to bring you a better experience with Errata for Rocky Linux 8.

As a first, we are also making SIG offerings a part of our errata program. In the initial release, SIG Cloud, which repackages the Rocky Linux kernel with cloud related enhancements, is included. Currently the only enhancement in SIG Cloud is the backporting of newer gVNIC drivers for better performance on Google Cloud. This means that from now on, users of Rocky Linux Optimized for GCP will enjoy errata information for their kernel.

Of course, the errata management and publishing software is fully open source, and available at

Moving forward we are going to work on improving our overall build suite, and we encourage anyone interested to join us in this on the Rocky Linux Development channel.

We hope you enjoy this release!

Thank you,

The Peridot team at the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation