Statement Regarding OpenELA

Rocky Linux Team

By now, you’ve likely heard about a new open source project, known as OpenELA. We’ve received a few questions about how it is related to Rocky Linux.

On August 10th, OpenELA was announced as an initiative to ensure the long-term stability and collaborative development of Enterprise Linux; everyone was invited to join. Since then, the project has received considerable support from organizations and the open source community at large, and we are happy to add our voice of support as well.

It is important to note that Rocky Linux is completely stable, due to the amazing community that supports the project and the unwavering support of CIQ and the rest of our sponsors. Rocky Linux remains absolutely committed to our mission: we will remain a 1:1 fully compatible, drop-in alternative to RHEL.

OpenELA supports our mission by providing additional assurance that the open source base for Rocky Linux will always be available, via a vendor neutral and community driven collaboration. This means that Rocky Linux is not only stable today, but for the foreseeable future, as the replacement for CentOS.

OpenELA makes the Rocky Linux community stronger. For this reason, multiple Rocky Linux and RESF members have joined the OpenELA community to support this initiative. We are excited for what’s next and to be part of the project.