Partners of the RESF represent ongoing relationships of strategic importance to the Rocky Linux project. Through dedication of engineering expertise, infrastructure resources, or other means, their support is critical to our continued success and long term stability.


Ctrl IQFounding Partner

Unified, secured, platform agnostic computing starting with the provisioning, management, and support of the base OS (Rocky Linux) and going through the deployment stack of containers with cloud native, multi-prem, multi-cloud meta-orchestration of performance critical workflows and data.


NAVER CloudPrincipal Partner

NAVER Cloud Platform is a South Korean cloud service that started in 2017 under NAVER Cloud, a subsidiary of NAVER. It provides over 170 individual services in 2021 and holds various security certifications including CSA STAR GOLD, GDPR, and more. It also currently provides cloud services in 10 locations around the world.


MattermostPrincipal Partner

Mattermost is an open source messaging solution made for organizations with the highest security requirements. As big believers in the power of open source, Mattermost is thrilled to partner with RESF to help bring an enterprise-grade distribution of Linux to the tech community.


FosshostPrincipal Partner

Fosshost (UK CIC #13356530) offers free enterprise grade internet hosting and managed services exclusively for the FOSS community. We're on a mission to empower and support every free and open-source software project. To go further, together. Our work never stops. Apply today!