We would like to thank our sponsors for their support thus far on the project.


CIQFounding Sponsor

We believe in helping people to do great things. This is why CIQ is a founding sponsor of the RESF. We provide commercial support and services for Rocky Linux to customers in research, academia, government, enterprise, partners, and everyone in between.


45DrivesPrincipal Sponsor

45Drives offers enterprise storage solutions built on powerful & robust open-source software that allows customers to benefit from the cost savings & flexibility of off-the-shelf hardware. Check them out for a fully supported data storage solution at the best cost per terabyte!

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web ServicesPrincipal Sponsor

The RESF utilizes AWS to run much of the underlying infrastructure critical to the development and deployment of the services supporting Rocky Linux. From Koji builders for x86_64 and aarch64 running in EC2 to SRPM blob storage in S3, AWS is foundational to much of what we do.

Google Cloud

Google CloudPrincipal Sponsor

As a principal sponsor of the RESF, Google understands the importance of Rocky Linux as a free, open, community enterprise operating system. Providing resources for testing and validation, we’ve partnered with the RESF to ensure Rocky’s status as a first-class citizen on the Google Cloud Platform from day one.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft AzurePrincipal Sponsor

Linux is the fastest growing platform on Azure, running in over half of VM cores. For well over a decade, Microsoft has been investing on Linux, and with partnerships being a central pillar of Microsoft’s open source strategy we collaborate with RESF and the broader Rocky Linux ecosystem to ensure customers have an increasing set of options to deploy Linux workloads on Azure in a supported, managed and secure way.


MontaVistaPrincipal Sponsor

MontaVista Software is the leader in embedded commercial Linux, supporting MontaVista CGX, Yocto Project®, CentOS and Rocky Linux. MontaVista offers Open Source Software expertise, commercial-quality Linux distros, cost-effective maintenance and support for 10+ year life-cycles.


OpenDrivesPrincipal Sponsor

OpenDrives is a global provider of enterprise-grade, hyper-scalable, network-attached-storage (NAS) solutions. We deliver the highest performing solutions for our customers - to match individual performance needs - for the most robust, complex and mission-critical projects and workflows, on-premises and into the cloud.


VMwarePrincipal Sponsor

VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control.

Seagate Federal